Open Access Explained! Video is so amazing

What is open access? Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen take us through the world of open access publishing and explain just what it’s all about. In plain language.

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Other Duties as Assigned: Internal Consultants in Academic Libraries

This sounds so familiar 🙂

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Article: New MIT Media Lab Tool Lets Anyone Visualize Unwieldy Government Data

New MIT Media Lab Tool Lets Anyone Visualize Unwieldy Government Data

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Twitter now allows users to receive follow-free DMs


Sending a direct message on Twitter has till now been possible only when two users follow each other — leading to awkward situations where one person wants to communicate private information to someone who hasn’t keen to hit the “Follow” button. But that’s changed, thanks to a new feature in Twitter’s account settings, according to the Verge. The feature, spotted on Twitter, gives users the power to accept DMs from anyone. It’s an optional feature — those who enjoy Twitter the way it is don’t have to switch.

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TorSearch offers private search of the Deep Web

These deep search engines seen suspect to me in some way … Their mere existence seems to be an easy way for security agencies to track “questionable” searches once they figure out a way around the system. And for any hackers, that seems just to be a matter of time, whether they work for the government or not.


While the deep, shaded corners of the Dark Net have lost one valuable source in Silk Road’s shutdown, a new website promises to help lurkers find their next shadowy resource. Venturebeat reports that TorSearch offers a more private (and deeper) Tor search experience compared to traditional engines like Bing and Google, and even popular Tor search website DuckDuckGo.

TorSearch is able to offer anonymity by enabling users to connect to websites and platforms via a third-party introduction point, and then maintains the connection via a random relay service. That means a user with Tor enabled can search for illegal drugs or pirated porn, and then trust the the access point is hidden within the relay. The result is a search experience that a third-party observer could not identify.

While TorSearch, which has an index of 130,000 Deep Web links, has become popular among Tor users (doubling its traffic…

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Look out Google: Disconnect says its no-track search tool is taking off

Would love to hear from anyone who has tried this yet…


Disconnect, a startup co-founded by a former Google(s goog) engineer, is fast becoming a darling of privacy advocates — and a potential headache for marketers and search engines. This week, the firm launched a free service that thwarts Google, Bing(s msft) and the rest of them from logging what you search and, says the company, demand is brisk.

Disconnect says that, two days in, it has received 250,000 queries and that it had “the most successful first day ever for a standalone search product.” It’s still early, of course, but the initial reception for Disconnect Search suggests pent-up demand for easy-to-use privacy products — and a possible long-term threat to Google and the online ad economy.

Search without leaving a trace

Disconnect, which started in 2010 as a widget to block Facebook(s fb) tracking, already offers an easy way to see and prevent online ad and research firms from siphoning your…

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Introducing … Canadian Library Vendor News

…. or @CLibVendorNews in the Twitterverse.

After the successful launch of Canadian Library News, we found that the news feed could quite easily be taken over by vendor updates, new product releases and the like. As we wanted to keep @CdnLibraryNews dedicated to news about Canadian Libraries, it quickly became clear that another feed was needed to keep things uncomplicated. And Canadian Library Vendor News was born.

So, the parameters of @CLibVendorNews are a little less strict that our sister site. Here, any international vendor who is in the Canadian marketplace can be highlighted. The only issue here is with the large quantity of book publishers posting tweets on each title they publish. Again, this would bog down the feed pretty quickly.

At this point, we are not RTing individual book titles, but newly released collections are okay. Same with book awards — there are just too many awards and shortlists to keep tabs on. But we are definitely highlighting mergers and acquisitions within the field, educational/training tips, company news and the like.

Your comments are appreciated! If you are a library vendor, let us know as we would like to follow you. And be sure to copy us on your media releases! And finally, these feeds are brought to you courtesy of Infotrova Research Services Canada.

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IMLS Announces $100,000 Grant for National Forum on the Role of Public Libraries in Local Open Government

Now we need the Canadian government to step up as well. Or provincial governments. Any takers?

IMLS Announces $100,000 Grant for National Forum on the Role of Public Libraries in Local Open Government.

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The Monthly Marmot – July

Sorry this guy is a little late. He is our local groundhog that lives behind the Canadian Tire Store. It’s actually pretty quiet back there, so a nice spot for a mid sized marmot.



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CdnLibraryNews Retweeting Guidelines

After looking non-stop at Canadian library and librarian tweets over the past couple of weeks, we’ve come up with some guidelines into what is retweetable (?) and what is not.

For the purposes of this twitter account, here are the guidelines (to be updated when needed):

Yes, definitely retweetable – library news with a Canadian spin:

  • Really cool new programs or services in any type of library from your Canadian library blogs/websites
  • Articles from the Canadian news media about newsworthy happenings at your library
  • Articles from the Canadian news media about trends in Canadian libraries as a whole

Not retweetable:

  • Book sales
  • New book acquisitions or recommendations
  • New opening/closing hours/emergency maintenance
  • Job postings
  • Lovely articles about someone’s retirement
  • User surveys and research surveys of the profession (just due to sheer volume)
  • New hires (unless they are for Chief Librarian positions)
  • Power outages, catalogue outages and the like
  • Personal academic papers, blogs, etc. being published (rah-rah self-promotion)
  • New issues of library newsletters
  • Good information coming from an international associations, libraries or vendors (there are a ton of other library twitter accounts that will be happy to cover those stories)
  • Events in your community where you will be participating but which are not library related
  • Tweets without links to additional information

We promise to give retweeting credit where appropriate, and we hope you can return the favour.

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