IMLS Announces $100,000 Grant for National Forum on the Role of Public Libraries in Local Open Government

Now we need the Canadian government to step up as well. Or provincial governments. Any takers?

IMLS Announces $100,000 Grant for National Forum on the Role of Public Libraries in Local Open Government.

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The Monthly Marmot – July

Sorry this guy is a little late. He is our local groundhog that lives behind the Canadian Tire Store. It’s actually pretty quiet back there, so a nice spot for a mid sized marmot.



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CdnLibraryNews Retweeting Guidelines

After looking non-stop at Canadian library and librarian tweets over the past couple of weeks, we’ve come up with some guidelines into what is retweetable (?) and what is not.

For the purposes of this twitter account, here are the guidelines (to be updated when needed):

Yes, definitely retweetable – library news with a Canadian spin:

  • Really cool new programs or services in any type of library from your Canadian library blogs/websites
  • Articles from the Canadian news media about newsworthy happenings at your library
  • Articles from the Canadian news media about trends in Canadian libraries as a whole

Not retweetable:

  • Book sales
  • New book acquisitions or recommendations
  • New opening/closing hours/emergency maintenance
  • Job postings
  • Lovely articles about someone’s retirement
  • User surveys and research surveys of the profession (just due to sheer volume)
  • New hires (unless they are for Chief Librarian positions)
  • Power outages, catalogue outages and the like
  • Personal academic papers, blogs, etc. being published (rah-rah self-promotion)
  • New issues of library newsletters
  • Good information coming from an international associations, libraries or vendors (there are a ton of other library twitter accounts that will be happy to cover those stories)
  • Events in your community where you will be participating but which are not library related
  • Tweets without links to additional information

We promise to give retweeting credit where appropriate, and we hope you can return the favour.

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Introducing … CanadianLibraryNews

CanadianLibraryNews is a new aggregated news service just for Canadian libraries and those interested in the industry/field/profession.

A few days back, we were musing about the lack of a national library news source that was easily accessible (think a Canadian Library Journal). There is much much going on in libraries across the country, and it is so difficult to keep on top of it all. Innovations abound across sectors, across regions. Associations keep their members up-to-date with their newsletters and twitter feeds, but there are only so many topics that they can cover due to (understandable) political realities. Conferences help to cross-pollinate our field, but in the interim there are few places to congregate and share ideas. We have so much to learn from each other, whether we are in academic, school, public, governmental or special libraries. Or are consultants, trustees, or administrators. And, we need to blow our collective horns more often!

Enter CanadianLibraryNews. Our goal is to handpick the news that is most relevant, important and intriguing to you in your profession, and to provide cross-country contacts for helpful best practices. You won’t see tweets on new book recommendations, acquisitions, book sales, user surveys or job postings here. But, hopefully, it will truly be news that you can use, or as our tagline reads, “Information for Innovation.”

Ideas? Concerns? Email us at It’s a big idea, and we’ll need your help!

Patricia Presti
Infotrova Research Services Canada

Note: If you are a library that has just created a twitter account, please let us know at @CdnLibraryNews. Also, it would be great to have more francophone coverage, so if there is anyone interest in scanning French language media and associations, please contact us.

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Hey CIOs, your role is changing. So get a move on and change already

Less focus on practical certification and more on information theory, innovation and HR … then why aren’t more professional librarians in the CIO’s chair?


The dustup that arose last year after Gartner predicted that chief marketing officers will soon control more IT spending than their chief information officer counterparts and has percolated ever since, is a tempest in a teapot, at least according to one CIO. The real challenge CIOs face is that in an era when technology is less mysterious to employees, their skill sets need to change for them to remain relevant.

Instead of getting into slapfights with CMOs or other colleagues, CIOs need to hone their “softer” skills, said Joanne Kussuth, CIO of Needham, Mass.-based Olin College.

“The biggest thing that’s happened to the role of CIO in the past few years is the consumerization of IT — which means that CIOs and their tech staff are no longer the tech gurus in any organization,” she said in an interview this week. that may be a tough pill to swallow…

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Best three New Business Books, Part 3

I must admit one of my favorite books that just makes so much common sense is Robert Sutton’s The No Asshole Rule. Even if you don’t agree with the choice of vocabulary, the book is exceedingly well researched, and is written by a Stanford business school professor. Some of the basic premises, like how jerks will simply hire more jerks if in authority positions, are proven anecdotally and scientifically. And the case studies, well, they are either hilarious or so true that you’ll cry.

Amazon link

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The Monthly Marmot – June


This little guy is being tagged and measured for the Alpine Marmot research project. The project has been in place for more than 20 years in France, at a national park close to Val d’Isere. The annual data collected at the site is being analyzed for long-term trends in regards to how climate change is affecting these animals. Taken June, 2012.

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