TorSearch offers private search of the Deep Web

These deep search engines seen suspect to me in some way … Their mere existence seems to be an easy way for security agencies to track “questionable” searches once they figure out a way around the system. And for any hackers, that seems just to be a matter of time, whether they work for the government or not.


While the deep, shaded corners of the Dark Net have lost one valuable source in Silk Road’s shutdown, a new website promises to help lurkers find their next shadowy resource. Venturebeat reports that TorSearch offers a more private (and deeper) Tor search experience compared to traditional engines like Bing and Google, and even popular Tor search website DuckDuckGo.

TorSearch is able to offer anonymity by enabling users to connect to websites and platforms via a third-party introduction point, and then maintains the connection via a random relay service. That means a user with Tor enabled can search for illegal drugs or pirated porn, and then trust the the access point is hidden within the relay. The result is a search experience that a third-party observer could not identify.

While TorSearch, which has an index of 130,000 Deep Web links, has become popular among Tor users (doubling its traffic…

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