About Infotrova

If you are …

  • A start-up looking for  market data and industry data for your business plans
  • A company outside of Canada who is interested in finding out more about the Canadian marketplace and demographics
  • A local government or region who needs to know what is going on in their area on ongoing basis for business development
  • A non-profit who cannot afford an in-house prospect researcher, but needs information from time-to-time not available on the Internet
  • Anyone who needs help with finding out the stories behind the data; especially in mining free Statistics Canada information
  • Somebody who needs help in writing and editing in all subject areas

You have come to the right place! Welcome. Explore. Find out how we can provide you with Information for Innovation, whether you are an entrepreneur, a marketing and sales director, an economic development officer, an association manager or a fundraiser. For a full description of our services, visit our website. Or our Facebook page. Or our Twitter feed.

Infotrova Research Services Canada

135 May Street Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0 CANADA
Phone: 226-343-0764



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