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HowDo’s maker-oriented micro-guides can now be embedded on the web

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The DIY micro-guide platform HowDo, which we last covered back in October last year, has just launched on the web. It was previously only available on iOS(s aapl). HowDo is an intriguing little startup. Based in…

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The Monthly Marmot – May

In the spirit of Mimi, our mascot, we will present to you a photo gallery of marmots from around the world (well, the ones we’ve met and photographed so far). Stay tuned for more marmot mugs monthly!

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Ergonomics and mobile devices

There has been a ton of articles recently on the demise of the personal computer. Sales have plateaued or even declined over the past year: Forbes: The Death of the PC Has Not Been Exaggerated Computer Weekly: Gartner predicts the … Continue reading

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Cloud storage is great — but be careful what you put there

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Marco Arment — creator of Instapaper, co-founder of Tumblr and internet-famous software developer — has a knack for sharing unique and thoughtful insights on technology. Take, for example, public cloud–based storage services, such as Dropbox. Marco…

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Start-ups need market intelligence badly

Some questions you should be asking yourself if you are thinking of launching a new company: Do you have a good handle of who your primary target market is? What about your secondary target market(s)? How specific are the demographics … Continue reading

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ScraperWiki lets anyone scrape Twitter data without coding

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The Obama administration’s open data mandate announced on Thursday was made all the better by the unveiling of the new ScraperWiki service on Friday. If you’re not familiar with ScraperWiki, it’s a web-scraping service that has…

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What open data support should public libraries provide?

With the increase in open data forums at the municipal level, people are getting involved in the open data movement from a variety of backgrounds. Developers, government administrators, educators, journalists and citizens interested in transparency are all coming together to … Continue reading

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