Introducing … Canadian Library Vendor News

…. or @CLibVendorNews in the Twitterverse.

After the successful launch of Canadian Library News, we found that the news feed could quite easily be taken over by vendor updates, new product releases and the like. As we wanted to keep @CdnLibraryNews dedicated to news about Canadian Libraries, it quickly became clear that another feed was needed to keep things uncomplicated. And Canadian Library Vendor News was born.

So, the parameters of @CLibVendorNews are a little less strict that our sister site. Here, any international vendor who is in the Canadian marketplace can be highlighted. The only issue here is with the large quantity of book publishers posting tweets on each title they publish. Again, this would bog down the feed pretty quickly.

At this point, we are not RTing individual book titles, but newly released collections are okay. Same with book awards — there are just too many awards and shortlists to keep tabs on. But we are definitely highlighting mergers and acquisitions within the field, educational/training tips, company news and the like.

Your comments are appreciated! If you are a library vendor, let us know as we would like to follow you. And be sure to copy us on your media releases! And finally, these feeds are brought to you courtesy of Infotrova Research Services Canada.

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