CdnLibraryNews Retweeting Guidelines

After looking non-stop at Canadian library and librarian tweets over the past couple of weeks, we’ve come up with some guidelines into what is retweetable (?) and what is not.

For the purposes of this twitter account, here are the guidelines (to be updated when needed):

Yes, definitely retweetable – library news with a Canadian spin:

  • Really cool new programs or services in any type of library from your Canadian library blogs/websites
  • Articles from the Canadian news media about newsworthy happenings at your library
  • Articles from the Canadian news media about trends in Canadian libraries as a whole

Not retweetable:

  • Book sales
  • New book acquisitions or recommendations
  • New opening/closing hours/emergency maintenance
  • Job postings
  • Lovely articles about someone’s retirement
  • User surveys and research surveys of the profession (just due to sheer volume)
  • New hires (unless they are for Chief Librarian positions)
  • Power outages, catalogue outages and the like
  • Personal academic papers, blogs, etc. being published (rah-rah self-promotion)
  • New issues of library newsletters
  • Good information coming from an international associations, libraries or vendors (there are a ton of other library twitter accounts that will be happy to cover those stories)
  • Events in your community where you will be participating but which are not library related
  • Tweets without links to additional information

We promise to give retweeting credit where appropriate, and we hope you can return the favour.

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2 Responses to CdnLibraryNews Retweeting Guidelines

  1. Christina says:

    The problem with these guidelines is that they fail to acknowledge that only dominant discourse will be shared . As someone who has a blog, for example, that attempts to address issues that do not seem palatable in mainstream press ( too contentious, political, dangerous) CLA runs the risk of only reflecting hegemonic views. People are ready to push up their sleeves and deal with the highly subjective, messy and REAL business of working in libraries

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