Hey CIOs, your role is changing. So get a move on and change already

Less focus on practical certification and more on information theory, innovation and HR … then why aren’t more professional librarians in the CIO’s chair?


The dustup that arose last year after Gartner predicted that chief marketing officers will soon control more IT spending than their chief information officer counterparts and has percolated ever since, is a tempest in a teapot, at least according to one CIO. The real challenge CIOs face is that in an era when technology is less mysterious to employees, their skill sets need to change for them to remain relevant.

Instead of getting into slapfights with CMOs or other colleagues, CIOs need to hone their “softer” skills, said Joanne Kussuth, CIO of Needham, Mass.-based Olin College.

“The biggest thing that’s happened to the role of CIO in the past few years is the consumerization of IT — which means that CIOs and their tech staff are no longer the tech gurus in any organization,” she said in an interview this week. that may be a tough pill to swallow…

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