Playing with Google Trends

This morning I was playing with Google Trends, and one of the searches I did was on “open data” to see what the international search interest has been on this topic. Italy comes in first, with the Netherlands, Taiwan, Austria and France falling in behind. Canada is sixth.

Internationally, if you look at cities, Ottawa comes in first. That’s pretty impressive, and I would think it is due in part with the Ottawa Open Data project. One of the neatest citizen-based projects that has come out of Ottawa lately has been which shows the location of all 40,000 trees that the city maintains. You can limit by age of tree, type of tree, allergens … really very sharp indeed. Many kudos to @emdaniels on this effort.

Back to Google Trends: If you drill down to the “Canada-only” data, there was no interest at all until September 2009, and then interest rose sharply. Regionally, BC, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec Google users have actively searched the term, with no other provinces showing up in the data. Then again, maybe Google is only tracking Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver …

For a quick tutorial, Google posted a fairly good update video today, but the resolution is a bit fuzzy on the demo screens.

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